Milos Ovcacek & Petr Plodner 2016

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Description: Milos Ovcacek had watched Petr Plodner from afar for a long time and when the opportunity arose for these two studs to hook up Milos was all over it. Our video starts with the Milos and Petr standing in a doorway shirtless and kissing. Petr begins passionately kissing Milos’ chest and nipples, working his way down the hairy treasure trail leading to Milos’ zipper. Petr unzips Milos’ pants and his already thick and stimulated cock plops out for Petr to swallow; which he does quite intently. Petr services Milos’ cock for a few moments before turning Milos around so he could shove his tongue deep into Milo’s asshole. After enjoying some good ass eating Milos switches things up on Petr and this time he turns Petr around to lean against the door. Dropping to his knees Milos undoes Petr’s pants and as they fall to the floor, Milos falls onto Petr’s cock and deep-throats it until it almost chokes him. Completely turned on Milos and Petr head to the sofa where Milos kneels down and Petr drives his cock deep into Milo’s ass before fucking him like a bunny rabbit. Going from getting his ass fucked while face down, Milos switches things up and jumps on top of Petr cock and starts riding it like he is a horse rider in the saddle; bouncing up and down. Ready to lay back for a few, Milos lies down on the sofa and Petr slides his cock back into Milos’ waiting hold where he begins pounding again. As Petr continues to pound, Milos takes his cock in hand and while feverishly jerking it he sprays jizz all over his chiseled six-pack tummy. When he finishes, Petr pulls his cock out of Milos’ ass and squirts a thick load all over Milos’ balls and cock. Completely exhausted our two studs kiss a little before they head off to the showers to clean up.
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