Mathew Davids & Kayden Gray 2015

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Description: Mathew Davids & Kayden Gray 2015 Gay Porn Online Mathew is back and putting his lessons into practice with current champion Kayden Gray. Working the gym mat, it's obvious Mathew's still got a lot to learn, both on the mats and off them! Winner Kayden gets his victors rights on Mathew, and after pushing him to the wall, gets a hot face fucking from his twink loser! Pushing himself to deep-throat, Kayden ensures that young cock is wet with spit before he lets Mathew loose on his own thick meat. Slightly worried about what's to come, his tight hole is going to be tested farther than his wrestling skills ever have been as Kayden teases with his tip before plunging it all the way inside, fucking his boy into the corner of the room as he loosens his hole enough for Mathew to ride it, pushing down to try and take everything he can! He tries his best, but as with his wrestling, Mathew has a lot to learn, and he's perfectly placed to get the best lessons he can! Oral/Anal Sex, Deep Throat, Masturbation, Cum Shots, Jerking Off, Fetish, Hairy, Muscles, Uncut, Big Dick, Sports, Young Men
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