Kenzie & Toby Tied & Abused

Duration: 26:51 Views: 5.9K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: You know how incredibly cute boy always hunt in 2's! How about these 2, Kenzie Madison and Toby Tate, both breath-takingly hot and both so cute you could tie them up and abuse them for hours! That's what Sebastian did, tied both back-to-back, massaged their ripped, toned bodies, aroused their beautiful cocks and then jerked them both to climax. Watch as their bodies ripple, strain and tighten as Sebastian works his magic, edging them both closer and closer to eruption. Toby blows first moaning with pleasure. Kenzie holds back, fighting the moment until Sebastian's warn, soft lips takes the lad over the edge, releasing hot cum into Seb's waiting mouth.
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