Casting Couch: Wesley Rush

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Description: With his chiseled features and rock hard body, Wesley Rush is one hot stud. He is also intensely sexual, and loves to empty his nut sack any chance he gets. He has a philosophy in life, basically to do everything he has always wanted to, and not let himself be restrained. You can imagine that Wesley has very few inhibitions, and like most guys, he would love to get himself in between two girls. But he has also had a chance to do a three way with a dude and his girlfreind, and that seems to have gone pretty well for him. As a birthday present to himself, he decided to come show off his talents in front of a camera. Wesley starts off by running his hands around his hot body, before letting them drift down to his crotch. He loosens his pants up and dives his hand down under his denim, working his package over. Soon the outlines of his cock start to emerge as he works his cock over. The next treat comes when Wesley peels off his shirt to show off his pecs and abs, while he works his cock over under his underwear. He lays back and gets relaxed, and soon his pants are half way down his thick thighs as he brings his hardening cock into view. He massages it until it gets rock hard, before he jumps to his knees. Then he turns his ass into view and clenches his cheeks tight as he continues to stroke away. Wesley kicks off the rest of his clothes and with his hand behind his head, he works his stiff rod over some more. He starts playing with his nut sack as he edges closer, thrusting into his strokes. He runs his spare hand over his body, as his toes star to curl. His whole body tightens as he works the head of his cock. In a few more moments, he cries out and lets loose volley after volley of steaming hot cum. His load flies all the way up to his pecs, and gushes over his abs until he has fully unloaded.
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