The Sit Down (Johnny Rapid, Roman Todd) 2015

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Description: The Sit Down (Johnny Rapid, Roman Todd) 2015 Gay Porn Online Johnny Rapid has agreed to an in-depth interview. When he arrives at the hotel he is surprised to see how attracted he is to the interviewer. Johnny remains evasive and demands quid pro quo. Johnny will answer a question for one article of clothing. The journalist agrees to Johnny’s demands despite feeling uncomfortable. As a straight man interviewing a gay porn star he was already hesitant. With each article of clothing Roman begins to feel more comfortable and he questions whether he is even that straight. Johnny plays his game and Roman finds himself in a full fuck fest with gay porn's #1 star. Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cum Shots, Jerking Off, Condom, Big Dicks, Hairy, Shaved, Muscles, Brunettes, Tattoos, Young Men
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