Franklin & Dennis 2011

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Description: Franklin has an amazing set of balls! They left me speechless and I really had to see them in action after witnessing the huge load they were packing! I remember having a similar reaction with Dennis — his balls are also quite impressive. They hit it off right away. There was a certain glimmer of excitement in Franklin’s eyes about it all. Dennis, the veteran that he is around here, was obviously excited to meet the “rookie” as well. “So we got a new one?” Dennis asked. “I haven’t seen your video yet but they were telling me about it.” “Did you hear about the balls?” Franklin asked Dennis. He hadn’t. It almost felt like they forgot there were cameras on them so I had to jump in back into the conversation. “Should we have a Ball Off?” And just like that, a new term for friendly ball competition was born. There was no hesitation. There was some joking while Dennis focused intently on Franklin as he pulled his pants down for the big reveal. “Holy shit!” Dennis remarked as Franklin’s balls flopped out. “Has me beat…I am losing the Ball Off here”. After that, it was like watching two best friends (that let their curiosity get the best of them) take it all the way. The ball jokes turned into a stretching session. That led to Dennis rubbing and kissing on Franklin’s neck, finding the “sweet spot” and giving him a hard-on that was waiting for a mouth to please it. Dennis’ cock stayed rock hard the whole time and it bounced around as he got fucked. And Franklin? Well, there wasn’t a spot on Dennis’ back that wasn’t covered in cum by the end of it all!
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