Boomer Banks Bangs Out Dillon Rossi

Duration: 46:37 Views: 21K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Boomer Banks and Dillon Rossi met a few years back at a water contest at The Black Party and ever since then Dillon has been dreaming of Boomer’s big cock. Now that the day has finally arrived, Dillon is completely unable to keep his hands to himself. He is playing with his hole, taking cold showers, jerking off all over the place… he just can’t wait another second any longer. When Boomer finally arrives to Dillon’s place, he is a little bit surprised to find Dillon in a bath tub with his cock already rock hard and ready to shoot a load. He is also very much turned on by it and sits down in front of Dillon to watch the show. Just a minute later Dillon is filling up the bath tub with his own cum and can’t help himself but to have a taste of it as he licks his fingers clean right in front of Boomer. Now he’s ready to be fucked! Boomer tells Dillon to turn around so he can start playing with his hole. It would take a lot of opening up and rimming to get Dillon’s hole ready for the monster in Boomer’s pants so they get right down to it. Dillon pushes his hole into Boomer’s face and spreads it wide open for him so he can get his tongue deep in there. After rimming his ass for a while Boomer is now ready to get deep-throated. Dillon wastes no time getting down on his knees to literally face the challenge. Boomer’s cock is bigger than Dillon’s head and Boomer is not shy about shoving it down Dillon’s throat aggressively. Dillon’s face gets covered in spit which only makes Boomer want to face-fuck him even harder and deeper, which of course he does, before telling him to turn around again and spread his ass cheeks open but this time for something much bigger than his tongue. Dillon obediently arches his back and ass up, holds his ass cheeks apart, and starts praying that he doesn’t get split in half by Boomer’s humungous cock. He knows it’s coming and there’s no turning back. The moment he’s been waiting for for years is finally here and Boomer shows Dillon no mercy. In one swift motion he shoves all 10 inches into Dillon’s hungry hole and starts plowing away. After the initial shock of being penetrated by one of industry’s biggest cocks Dillon is now begging Boomer to go deeper and fuck him even harder. The entire time Dillon watches in the mirror as Boomer completely owns his ass and gives him the rough treatment. “I love it when you go deep”, he says, as Boomer goes deeper into Dillon where no man has ever been. And to think that they’re only just getting started! One thing’s for sure- Dillon’s hole will never be the same after Boomer Banks has owned it once.
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