Bonded Out & Pounded Down

Duration: 30:35 Views: 8.3K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Vlad got drunk in a restaurant (Where is the money for the restaurant -. Can not clear stole?) And during a drunken brawl took him by the police. House Rules have been violated, and now his or expelled or punished. The young offender is willing to do anything to not only return to the street. He begs watching order to understand and forgive. But they are adamant and punish the boy only known way to them. He put on his knees and forced to suck the thick members. He spit on and called a dirty piece of shit. Violent men are angry when the young offender whimpers from such treatment and thick cock in the ass. They ordered him to shut up, since the plaintive moans of annoying. Vlad hurt and offended, so he continues to whine and evil torturers caulk his mouth member. Our unfortunate punished and it will serve as a good lesson for him.