Thomas Dyk, Jack Cool, Carey Lexes

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Description: Bareback Street Gang Scene 2 - For those who’ve been wondering, we’ve been enjoying something of a Thomas Dyk revival of late – a chance to relive the sexual wonder that this horny, young bastard was in his prime! And here he is once again, instigating a bunk-bed threesome with Jack Cool and Carey Lexes on this particular occasion; and proving beyond doubt that he really was gay porn gold in every fucking sense! With his trademark piercings and quiffed haircut, not to mention his irresistibly pale physique and handsome uncut cock, he was a one-in-a-million sex-machine who quite literally lit up any scene that he appeared in. What’s more, he always possessed a certain unpredictability about him that only added to his allure? Would he top? Would he bottom? You could never quite be certain until you’d seen every second of his performance! Which on this particular occasion sees him acting as one book-end to a spit-roasting trio – initially banging Cool’s pert little arse for all he’s worth whilst Lexes thrusts down the lad’s throat, before exchanging places so that he can enjoy Cool’s lips working his rock-hard shaft. Finally, Dyk and Lexes return to their original positions, allowing Dyk to unleash a geyser-like spray of top-notch Czech spunk all over Cool’s rump, before Lexes quite literally explodes like a fucking volcano across Cool’s shoulder. At which point you might be tempted to think Dyk’s impetus would be lost – but hell, no! Instead, he and Lexes turn the action stratospheric by slobbering like a pair of fucking animals all over Cool’s dick, as it shoots wads of hot jizz in all directions!