West Festa! All Stars Doki Doki Dream Match

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Description: WEST FESTA!オールスターDOKI DOKIドリームマッチ COAT WEST's first all-star work "WEST FESTA! All Star DOKIDOKI Dream Match "release decision! Expected NEW FACE · Kiyoshiro, Shinta, Tomohiro appeared in addition to simple main model · 慧, 翔 馬, 至, 一 翔, ぴ 平! In 3 years and a half more popular model Akira revives the electric shock! Punishment game of gossip & shame on gaming SEX with actress! Is it? From the top models to the luxurious dreams of the dream, 150 minutes full of places to see and do! 1. Expected NEW FACE is stepping all along! "The negotiation 23" W Main 19 years old Refreshing swimmer Kiyoshiro, "The negotiation 24" 18 years old Football club member Shinta, "The negotiating 24" 18 years old Leaded college student Tomohiro appeared! And Akira who will appear for the first time in three and a half years is suddenly participating in the war! Kiyoshiro who won SEX with actress, who won victory of armpower confrontation and erection! Erect a decamara with a bang pen and get fucked hard! Kiyoshiro demonstrates the actress who became heroroo with "I can not stop it again", and wear it more swiftly and smile satisfyingly. Shinta & Tomohiro & Akira's dick is chewy with Mukumuku with such intense erotic FUCK in front of you. Staff entrance, evil demons' way! It's embarrassing, but it feels good ... semen that is shot one after another from the docks of the deposit! Shota receives the first semen's baptism of life with Tomohiro's unexpected scattering ejaculation! Is it? Also fly to the head of the actress, Kiyoshiro's super long-range ejaculation is also a must-see! 2. Single main model · 慧, 翔 馬, 至, 一 翔, び 平 are big scenes! Funjuu Hyo in the pool, solstice and icice. It evolved into swimsuit escape ... unexpected situation in Shokuma and Ichiang who was looking at it with affordable expression! Is it? And ... Kiss this if you are a blowjob out there! While swapping opponents 69 or double blowjob! The best part of orgy 5 Bound fella too! An anal of Hideo who is fucked one by one! An anal of Shouma 's deckara to Zippori' s merciless solstice! Blow Job and dig up up! I will shoot a shrine as if to show off at the window! 5 semen scattered by bukkake, dug digging, digging and so on! 3. Offshot COAT WEST初となるオールスター作品『WEST FESTA!オールスターDOKIDOKIドリームマッチ』発売決定! 単体メインモデル・慧、翔馬、至、一翔、桔平に加え、期待の NEW FACE・清志朗、信太、智暉が登場!さらに3年半ぶりに人気モデル晃が電撃復活! 女優とのSEXを賭けたガチ勝負&恥辱の罰ゲーム!?から、TOPモデルたちによる夢の豪華乱交まで、見どころヌキどころ満載の150分! 1. 期待のNEW FACEが揃い踏み!「ザ・交渉 23」W メイン19才爽やかスイマー清志朗、「ザ・交渉 24」18才サッカー部員信太、「ザ・交渉 24」18才リア充大学生智暉が登場!そして、3年半ぶりの登場となる晃が急遽参戦! 腕力対決や勃起対決に勝利し、女優とのSEXを勝ち取った清志朗!デカマラをパンパンに勃起させて激エロ FUCK!「もうイけない~」とヘロヘロになった女優を、さらに激腰振りでイかせて満足げにほほ笑むというドSっぷりを発揮する清志朗! そんな激エロFUCKを目の前にして、お預けをくらった信太&智暉&晃のチンコがムクムクと… スタッフ乱入で、恥辱の魔の手口!恥ずかしいけど、気持ちいい…お預け組のチンコから次々発射されるザーメン!智暉の想定外の飛び散り射精で、信太が人生初のザーメンの洗礼を受ける!? 女優の頭まで飛ぶ、清志朗の超長距離射精も必見! 2. 単体メインモデル・慧、翔馬、至、一翔、桔平が大乱交!プールではしゃぐ慧と至と桔平。水着の脱がしあいに発展し…それを余裕の表情で眺めていた翔馬と一翔に思わぬ事態が!? そして… あちらでフェラならこちらはキス!相手をスワッピングしながら69やダブルフェラ!乱交の醍醐味5連結フェラも!次々に犯される慧のアナル!翔馬のデカマラをズッポリ咥えこむ至のアナル!フェラをしては掘り上げる桔平!窓際で見せつけるかのように慧を掘り上げる一翔!ぶっかけや掘られイキ、掘りイキなどで飛び散る5人のザーメン! 3. オフショット
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