Bored Boys / 悶絶少年 2007

Duration: 2:11:31 Views: 7.3K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Hot wax, whipping and shaving etc... 4 beautiful boys are abused !!! Candle, whip, vacuum cleaner suction, shaving play, watering, hose enema A scream of pain that enduring embarrassment of exposure. Holy water scattering on scattered feces. All four are young boys of the main model grade. The highest peak of a boy SM unfolded in a prison, Ferris wheel, loading platform! If you see this work, you are already a prisoner of SM. 蝋燭、ムチ、掃除機吸引、剃毛プレイ、水責め、ホース浣腸 露出の恥ずかしさに耐え忍ぶ悲痛の叫び。 飛び散る糞に、舞い散る聖水。 四人ともメインモデル級の美少年達です。 牢屋、観覧車、荷台で繰り広げられる少年SMの最高峰! この作品を見たら、あなたはもうSMの虜です。
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