Brandon Jones and Derek Thibeau

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Description: Wondering where was Mr.Jones while Samuel was fucking the cute Cory Prince? Vegas is a place of temptations and Brandon was looking for a real man… what better place to find one than in one of the most famous Stripclub in town. Not even 5 minutes in and he get mesmerized by the incredible body of Derek. His tattoos and hard pecs are just what he was looking for. Taking him in the back for a private dance the stallion start stipping slowly taking Brandon hands all over his body before taking off his underwear. A delicious suprise was waiting for him… a large 9 inch cock that the client take the time to wet with hi slips wrapped around it. Taking it till the end of his throat he cant get enough and ask for more. His hard dick pound him hard and rough making Brandon scream for more! He then sit on it to ride every inch of his man making sure he would remember it for a long time. Derek then fuck him till Brandon cum out of his hard pounding. Wanting more of this hot stripper he then get on his knees to receive all of Derek hot cum all over his face. Definitely a trip to be remember…
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