Thomas Dyk, Thomas Wolf, Scott Williams

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Description: Boys Of Summer Scene 1 - Let’s be perfectly honest, any scene that involves Thomas Dyk frolicking naked in the sunshine with some equally horny and handsome Czech buddies is almost certain to be a hit right from the off. Include the additional factor of being able to watch those beauties as they toil away in a lumberyard and the whole fucking scenario becomes almost stratospheric! Indeed, it’s almost a wonder that the scene got shot at all given that the guys filming it must surely have just wanted to have busied themselves with a good wank rather than get on with the job at hand! Ever the professionals, however, director Vlado Iresch and his production team clearly managed to restrain their primeval urges to present us with an absolutely stunning threesome that almost burns itself into our brains – not to mention our straining dicks! Dyk, of course, is as divine as ever; but Thomas Wolf and Scott Williams make up the stunning number, quietly aided in their antics by a number of voyeurs who clearly couldn’t take their eyes off what they were watching either! Given his reputation as a total cock-whore, of course, it would be tempting to assume that it’s Dyk who serves as the centrepiece of the action here. In the end, however, that honour goes to Wolf, who promptly falls to his knees to gobble on his mate’s dicks before getting energetically spit-roasting like a cheap whore. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s all quite simply fucking fantastic; and it’s not long before Wolf and Williams are spraying their wads in all directions. Leaving Dyk to blast his brew towards his mates’ expectant faces!
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