Michael Lucas and Roberto Vista

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Description: Once again, Michael romanticizes about himself and Roberto, and theyre shown kissing passionately as they strip each other in a field. Roberto leaks some major precum as he sucks on Michaels uncut meat and gets his ass fingered. They sixty-nine briefly, before Robertos on his back, getting his asshole ready for Michael. Michael puts his cockhead just inside Robertos ass and teases his hole before he spits into the hole, puts a rubber, and starts fucking. If there ever was a piston going in and out, its Michaels cock and Robertos ass, in some very nicely shown-from-behind fucking shots. Roberto clearly gets off on getting fucked; not only is he stiff the ENTIRE time, but he also jerks a substantial and thick load onto his belly. Michael then lies back and delivers his own decent cumshot onto his own belly.
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