Luke & Jaspers Morning Wood

Duration: 17:58 Views: 4.8K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Jasper and Luke are two of the hottest new men. In the time that they’ve been here, they’ve been having lots of fun exploring their sexuality and making for some quality and cum worthy moments! When it came time to decide who would top and who’d bottom, the guys were so horny that they decided to forgo the decision and just get right to it! Jasper jumps on Luke’s cock first but Luke wants to be fucked too! Luke pulls Jasper into him, so that he can be filled deep. Luke is already ready to cum but he wants into Jasper’s ass again one more time before he does! All worked up, Luke’s big dick just feels too good this time and Jasper has to cum. Only then is Luke cleared to shoot his thick load!