Scott Nails Harley

Duration: 21:43 Views: 8.4K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: If you’re a hot, young Corbin Fisher stud hanging out at the studio, it’s good to always be ready for some action. Scott and Harley learn that here, as Connor pulls them both away from lounging around in front of the TV to engage in some more worthwhile pursuits in the bedroom! It’s obvious Scott and Harley don’t mind getting a chance to play around with one another – indeed, it looks like one of the things Scott wanted to do most after his break from CF was to get it on with Harley. I can never get enough of watching either of these two young men in action – Harley’s ripped body, Scott’s handsome face, both of their big hard dicks bouncing around, and the noises coming from each as Scott drills Harley’s hole are downright hot!
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