Elder Miltmore ORDINATION - PART 1

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Description: Elder Miltmore had a dream he was getting pounded by Bishop Stevenson. “It was one of those dreams where you wake up with sticky sheets. He was dreaming about his priesthood insemination! “I really didn’t want the dream to end,” he said looking disappointed. “I laid in bed with my eyes closed for the longest time, hoping I would slip back into that dream. Bishop Stevenson was really plowing my backside, and my butt felt incredible!” He said, now smiling with an ear to ear grin. After having spent several weeks preparing in the Mission Home, Elder Miltmore is now ready and willing to receive the True Order of The Priesthood. This is an important, and might I add erotic, benchmark in the life of a chosen Elder. The day’s first agenda item was a meeting with the High Priests. Elder Miltmore was told in graphic detail about what to expect. He would be undressed and prepared for ordination by Bishop Stevenson. Stake President Cannon would be presiding over the first rite, while the Dark Charge prepares and consecrates the altar. “What’s a Dark Charge?” asked Elder Miltmore with a curious look. The High Priest Group Leader walked over and gave the boner — strained against the fabric of Elder Miltmore’s pants — a gentle squeeze and said, “Let’s not worry about the symbolism of The Dark Charge. I think you have something more important on you mind than man’s interaction with a fallen angel.” After that, Elder Miltmore was shown to the room where Bishop Stevens would begin the Ordination. Things took off pretty quickly after that.
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