Clement - Solo

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Description: He does swimm a lot and he is single. He was maried there are 2 years. Clement is really a straight guy, it’s not a fake straight, it’s true!! How we meet him? Following the real story. A friend that made a video for me here on keumgay website told me about a friend of him that would be interested to pose on a massage video. But problem: this friend never told to Clement, that the video is more than a simple massage because, that it is made by a guy and the model must let him get touched on sexual parts… When i called Clment, he wasn’t knew about this part. He asked me to meet him at swimming pool where he was training the same day. I came and we talked. It was very difficult to talk to him about the massage made by a guy. I was confused. Clment is really straight and never a guy has touched him. Finaly he asked me to see my work and he came 3 days after our meeting.
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