Breaking In Brandon

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Description: We should have called this scene 'Home Run'! If shooting at Men of Montreal was a game of baseball, then batting a single would mean that a guy, particularly if he's straight or bicurious, would be making it to first base by doing a solo. A double would see himself landing at second base with a blow job from a more experienced guy; then, a triple would have him fucking a guy for the first time. But hitting a home run means that you skip all of those steps and go right into getting fucked for the first time ever! This is exactly what happened to Brandon. But, that wasn't the plan at the outset. Brandon had approached us this past winter, intent on taking the porn challenge. Time passed but again, a couple of weeks ago, after talking to Marko, he was ready and wanted to skip the preliminaries of a solo and go right into fucking a guy... hitting a triple! We obliged. Marko would put out for this newcomer. Alas, was it nerves or performance anxiety? Or a bit of both? In any event, he was having erectile challenges when it was time to fuck Marko. Maybe this was indeed too much of a big step to take right out the gate. So, as sometimes things happen, you need to make on-the-spot adjustments and alter plans. Brandon thus volunteered to bottom for Marko, and so... As they say in baseball, it was time to 'play ball!' It was obvious during the shoot that Brandon was nervous. After all, he was exploring things he had never done before. Even a Fleshlight was new terrain for him. So Marko initiated him to the joys of this cylindrical toy as Brandon warmed up. Our newcomer also seemed to respond well to Marko's cock-sucking handy work. But at other times, he felt obviously awkward, even hesitant. However, when it was his turn to suck his partner off, he showed some obvious skill and talent. Even Marko told him he was a natural at it... When the moment had arrived for Marko to plug his dick into Brandon's ass, it was a challenge getting it in as our first-timer was so tight. After some patient efforts, both guys seemed to ease into a good rhythm. Good enough that it eventually got Marko on the edge of shooting his load. Even Brandon seemed more comfortable at this point and was gearing up for his own nut-busting moment. Marko was the first to cum as he pulled out and shot all over Brandon's chest. A few moments later, Brendan jacked himself into spewing his own load on the garage's concrete floor. Needless to say that the spring cleaning in Pat's garage wasn't as productive as it should have been, but our guys nonetheless had fun - Marko Lebeau, Brandon Levy