Gym Bait - Tyler Andrews, Tyler St.James

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Description: Tyler Andrews knows how to get what he wants and right now that happens to be the ass of his beefy trainer, Tyler St. James. Andrews knows that St. James is a str8 boy, or at the very least has a virgin ass. Claiming a virgin straight ass would normally be impossible, but Andrews has a trump card, St. James has been fucking the Gym owners wife and if St. James wants to Andrews to stay quiet a price must be paid. The scene beings with a long workout session featuring both Tyler's working up a good sweat, trading places on the bench and doing some dumbbell curls. At the end of the session St. James reminds Andrews that he still hasn't been paid for the last couple of sessions, Andrews makes his sneaky move disclosing what he knows about St. James relations with the owners wife. Andrews tells St. James that not only is he not paying for the sessions, but if he is to remain quiet he also gets to fuck St. James tight virgin hole. St. James can't believe what he is hearing, normally he would just beat the shit out of a guy this much smaller than him for even attempting a stunt like this but he can't afford to lose this great job in this economy. Andrews can already sense his plan is working, he has been dreaming about this ass for months - soon he will be fucking it.
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