Gym Twinks 2017

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Description: "A hot sports session between two hairless twinks" While Abel Lacourt is doing abs half naked, William Lefort is doing dumbbells movements on the sport bench. Chance or deliberate provocation, William wears a mini shorts that lets see his nuts and this detail does’nt escape Abel who has more and more difficult to hide his erection. The two twinks glance suggestively and then pass a hand in their shorts to start playing with their smooth cock. Abel and William jacking off vigorously while watching each other but not daring to get closer. William is the first to takes off his shorts, revealing his nice ass, then Abel get naked in turn. The two athletes dicks are hard and they continue to masturbate until Abel stands up to come to push his big cock in the greedy mouth of William. William swallows Abel’s dick deep in throat and saliva flows from his wet mouth to the rhythm of back and forth. Abel then lengthens William on the bench to have a perfect access to his pretty ass while continuing to get sucked. Abel spits into William’s hole, spread it pushes fingers into it. As the twink is moaning and squirming of pleasure his tight pink hole expands until to get ready to take the fat cock of Abel. It’ss first on all fours by pressing an inflatable ball, that William gets fucked. The bottom bounces with each blow of cock and Abel takes a malicious pleasure to penetrate him more and more deeply taking advantage of the impulse of the balloon. The energetic top continues by fucking William on the ground until he cans no longer contain his ejaculation and come pouring his hot sperm on the tongue of William who enjoys it to the point of cum in turn a few seconds later.
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