Hiring a Personal Trainer

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Description: Emilio Calabria is gathering a growing clientele as a personal trainer and Damien Hope contacted him with the purpose of bulking up. Damien has a fine shape but he is keen on putting on mass. So massive Emilio came to his assistance. But his assistance quickly takes a turn as he wants to see more of Damien’s physique. Assisting his prospective client in peeling off his top, Emilio soon dives in for a closer look at the fine tats and chiseled body in front of him. Wasting no time, he then opens up Damien’s fly and gets down to the serious business of cock sucking the smaller stud. Emilio is demonstrating some pretty serious talent at cock sucking even though he’s a porno novice. He’s also getting more and more into getting his butt hole seriously plugged. After some decent mutual sucking action, it was now time for Damien to use his more massive partner’s ass. First with his tongue, then with his dick, he was giving Emilio some well received ass attention. Emilio is also enjoying quite a lot getting his ass rimmed and insisted that Damien tongue him every time he was going to fuck him…. Finally, Damien gave Emilio’s huge 9-inch uncut cock some masterful sucking and hand action. This pushed Emilio over the top and he gave us a pretty nice load to appreciate. Damien then pumped his bone hard cock while Emilio was encouraging him on. It was cute to see Damien being apologetic at delivering his high flying load on the sofa… These two really hit it off during their shoot. They headed off together after they were done and we can only speculate at what came out of that - Damien Hope, Emilio Calabria
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