Initiating Mam Steele to Man on Mam Man Sex

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Description: Initiating Mam Steele (aka Mark Fallus) to Man on Mam Man Sex (Alec Leduc, Mam Steele) - We met Mam Steele (aka Mark Fallus) a couple of months ago when he accepted to do a solo for us and show off his mammoth cock. Day to day, he goes by the moniker Mam (witness the tattoo in his upper back), so he preferred being known by that handle also. Hence Mam Steele is born. For his first scene hooking up with another guy, he wanted to be serviced and, for that, Alec was our choice to do the honors. Alec has come a long way since he started doing porn, becoming a great bottom and sucking some pretty mean cock. And, though he was intimidated by Mam's tool, he felt comfortable taking it on since the servicing was only going to consist of a blow job, ass riming and jack off duties. And for most of the shoot, this was indeed the case. As time went on though, Mam got more comfortable and was ready to take things further. He wanted a piece of Alec's ass... and by that point, Alec had warmed up to the idea of taking it up the ass. He only asked that Mam start working his ass with a dildo to open it up progressively. So Alec becomes the first Man of Montreal to take Mam's humongous cock, but he won't be the last! This scene was also Marko Lebeau's first time shooting solo. For the past few months, he has been learning the craft of videographer, but on this day our regular guy had a last minute glitch. In fact, everyone had arrived when we found out the videographer couldn't be there. So Marko nervously took on the task of directing this shoot. Mam is still getting used to the idea of having a crew around him when having sex, and he definitely was easily distracted by the cameras and lighting and crew moving around. Alec on the other hand was oblivious to all that and kept his focus on Mam's sizable man meat, sucking and licking away, trying to shove it down as far as he could without gagging. When Mam started face fucking Alec, this is what inspired him to take it further. Forging ahead with loads of spit, thumbing and dildo work, Alec was getting comfortable. But before plugging Alec with the dildo, Mam decided to lick and suck on Alec's cock and balls from behind. Mam was definitely getting into this. Mam alternated between fucking and sucking Alec. And Alec, the trusty trooper took it all in stride. Mam was getting seriously into the action. But as a newcomer, his timing definitely needs a bit of work. We usually like to disrupt things as little as possible when the guys are fucking and we ask them to give us some prior warning to them cumming so we can make sure our cameras are well aligned and rolling. Mam didn't give us much warning before letting loose and we missed a good chunk of his delivery. He's often reserved on set and we'll need to get in sync with his quiet yet forceful approach. When all was said and done, Alec was frankly surprised, and quite happy, with taking Mam's huge boner up his butt hole. He was quick to cum after Mam, and as usual delivering a huge volley almost up to his chin. Mam is bent on improving his performance, which we are sure he will do with very little effort.
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