Bom Chupeta (Alan Kennedy, Derek Scott)

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Description: Bom Chupeta or good blow job, is a complement which our cute Brazilian bait boy, Alan, gives our southern Cali straight boy, Derek, on his first attempt at sucking cock. And, by the end of this video you'll hear more complements going back and forth between the boys as we make Derek do gay stuff that never even entered his mind before today. Derek is a cutie with a great 'toothpaste commercial' smile while displaying the sexiest dimples. He's 23 and 180lbs - all of which is well placed, and we think that a good portion of those pounds has got to be in that boy's big firm butt, you'll get a real good look at it in the shower at the end of the video. Derek says that it turns him on in a big way when a girl tells him he's hot and we're certain that he hears it a lot! This 23 year old straight boy loves country girls, the 'Daisy Duke' type - he tells us he even fucked one in a mall bathroom - hot, right! While our 25 year old bait boy says he had sex in a car in the parking lot of CVS while his buddy served as a look out - yeah right - his buddy was probably on the action in the car. Anyway, California boy Derek is here to pound some pussy, while Alan our Brazilian boy from Rio, is here to get his boy pussy pounded, and Caruso makes sure they both get their wish fulfilled - sort of. By now you guys know the standard set up, the girl doesn't show and since there's no pussy, Caruso makes the boys an offer for double the money to have sex with each other. Like usual, our straight boy Derek is not having any part of it - at least initially. But, Caruso lures him in with the ''you gotta be ready to do anything when you work in porn'' line - and the double the money offer which normally is enough to nudge these guys over the line. Of course Alan's hole is already self lubing in anticipation of getting fucked by this all American dude. Once Derek agrees to Caruso's proposition, Alan starts it all by grabbing Derek's thick uncut cock and begins jerking the boy off. Derek is pretty much squirming on the couch from this 'first contact' and even more so when Alan grabs the boy's hand and places it on his own thick uncut penis. The boys are settled into a mutual jacking rhythm and Caruso prompts Alan to take it up a notch and start sucking Derek's cock, and our bait boy is more than happy to comply. While Derek is enjoying his new bj experience, Alan takes the opportunity to dive in for some kissing and Derek appears to go along with it - for a little while anyway. We think he might've gone longer if he realized he could've delayed the inevitable next moment when he would be sucking cock for the first time.
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