Cole Weston & Princeton Price

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Description: This is Cole Weston's first time with another man as they talk and stroke each other's cocks. Our soldiers become very comfortable while naked and letting each other play with their dicks. Princeton Price compliments Cole's meaty throbbing dick and soon after he's got every inch down his throat. Cole Weston gasps with amazement as our elite soldier deep throats him balls deep. Cole almost nuts in Princeton's mouth so he has to switch it up and he goes for what he never thought he would do and he grabs Princeton's hard cock and slowly puts it in his mouth letting his lips and tongue take over. Princeton loves the way his dick is being sucked and he tells Cole that it is time for him to bend him over and fuck him. Cole is down for it and pushes Princeton over and slowly pushes his veiny hard cock deep into Princeton's sexy tight hole. Once in Cole can't believe the feeling and how tight it is as he thrusts up into Princeton with his throbbing cock. Cole begins to love that ass and doesn't stop fucking Princeton until he flips him over on to his back and pushes his dick right back in. Princeton is amazed at how good this rookie is fucking his ass and with a few more pumps both soldiers shoot their loads all over themselves.
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