Petr Ujen & Miro Dalek RAW - FULL CONTACT

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Description: Tale of how the electrician croupier fucked. Yes, yes, that is exactly what the declared professions of guys, apart from porn-actor’s, are. So if you have ever been to a casino, and you wanted to properly bend these young crooks at a roulette or card table, this video is what the doctor ordered! And if the plot, then it, as usual, almost none. Miro comes home, and there Petya on the bed frantically jerks off, not noticing anything around. It seems like even peeping turns out. But the directors didn’t start plotting intrigue, and from the very first question it turns out that the guys are not just neighbors in the apartment, but quite to themselves “in a relationship”. - Why didn't you wait for me? - oh, well forgive me, I was all so excited! .. Everything, on this dialogue ends, and the alternate licking of the swords of candies begins. It is licking like candy. True, Petya already had tears in his eyes - apparently, he had been waiting for so long, and then, at last, he caught on! And then, when sex enters the next stage, he suffers so sincerely, groans - it is a pity for him! If I were Stanislavsky, I would definitely say “I believe!” The guy is really fried, and not in the figurative sense of the word, judging by his behavior. So, I repeat: who wants to look at the sufferings of the young croupier - welcome!
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