Bastian Dufy & Fabien Jacq

Duration: 17:37 Views: 7.0K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Kevin - or rather his absence - seems to be a theme for this week’s Freshmen. First, we had Andre performing a quality check on his protégé, now we have Bastian taking advantage of Kevin’s tardiness. This is our fourth scene with Fabien and his ratings indicate you like him well enough. Thus far he has been teamed with lovers that would fall into the “romantic” style. So, we’re interested in what you think when we pair him with the wilder style of Bastian. Bastian demonstrates this style by first deep-throating Fabien and then treating him to a generous helping of his dick. Judging by the sounds of pleasure emanating from Fabien, he is enjoying his walk on the wild side. We hope you like it as much as he did.
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