Chuck's first time with Dawson

Duration: 20:39 Views: 13K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Chuck is diving right into his CF education! First he got sucked off by Zeb, then banged Tiffany and now he's going to have his first, full-on guy/guy action with Dawson. Chuck says his blow job was quite an experience and now he's eager to go all out. The guys kiss and Dawson helps Chuck off with his shirt. Dawson kisses Chuck's lean torso, then gets him on the bed and gets his shoes off. Dawson sucks Chuck's toes and licks his feet. Dawson pulls down Chuck's jeans and plays with Chuck's cock through his briefs. Dawson rubs Chuck's cock and sucks it through the thin fabric. Dawson strips and jerks both their cocks together before going down on Chuck. He sucks Chuck, then feeds Chuck his dick. Chuck blows Dawson eagerly, taking dick in his mouth for the first time. Dawson moves over Chuck to 69 him. Dawson climbs on top of Chuck to ride his cock. Chuck thrusts up into Dawson's ass, drilling into him. Dawson gets on all fours and Chuck fucks him doggy-style. Chuck pounds Dawson from behind. Dawson's massive shoulder glisten with sweat as Chuck fucks the bodybuilder hard and fast. They both fall back onto the bed. Dawson sucks on Chuck's thick dick. Chuck slides his cock back into Dawson's ass and holds his legs apart as he fucks him. Chuck slams his dick in and out of Dawson's hole. Chuck fucks a big load out of Dawson. Cum sprays up to his massive chest and over his ripped abs. Dawson sucks Chuck's cock again. Chuck watches as Dawson sucks a creamy load out of his dick. Cum drips out of Dawson's mouth as he sucks Chuck dry!