On the Prowl Scene 14

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Description: Models Arnau Vila, Jered Aquila. After lunch Jered invites Arnau over. As they leisurely undress each other they enjoy the touch, smell and feel of the others sculptured body. Their hands unfasten the others pants as they fall gently and expose their strong and rigid cocks. Jered takes the full breadth of Arnau’s straining cock, feeling his balls resting upon his chin. Arnau switches with Jered as Jered forces Arnau to choke his entire cock down his throat. After some hardcore cock sucking Jered is content that his cock is sufficiently lubed up and throws Arnau backwards over the arm of the sofa. He plunges his hungry cock deep inside of Arnau’s raw ass and begins fucking him gently at first then building his rhythm and passion as he goes. Arnau flips Jered and rams his raw cock deep inside of Jered’s awaiting hole. Jered revels in the pleasure of Arnau’s cock in his ass, so much so that he blows his thick, creamy load all over his abs as Arnau continues pumping his raw ass. Arnau quickly unleashes his hot load all over Jered’s balls and thighs before dumping the last of his load up Jered’s ass. How was your lunch date today?