Ryan Judd Gets Fucked By Collin Simpson

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Description: Ryan Judd is one BIG muscular slab of man. Big, burly, beefy, kinda cuddly reddish-blond. Like a young lumber jack. He'd been checking out Collin Simpson's ass the whole time we were there, so we knew that when we put them together, the sparks were going to fly. And FLY they did. Ryan is 240 pounds of muscle and Collin likes blonds. Ten seconds into the first kiss, Ryan had slammed Collin up against the wall and the energy just built from there. Collin pushes Ryan down on the bed and almost breaks it and they keep laughing the whole time. These men just can't stop. The guys seemingly forget the camera is even going. They keep rolling around, whispering to each other. Ryan pulls off Collin's underwear "oh fuck, that's huge" and he sees just what a ride his ass is about to take. Ryan sucks Collin's dick in a way that lets you know he REALLY loves to suck dick and he's really turned on by Collin. The muscles on these men are bulging while the tension builds. A bit more cock sucking and Ryan just wants to get his ass fucked. Collin's hard dick is pointing to the ceiling and Ryan doesn't wanna wait any more. He lays down on his back and Collin slides his dick in while Ryan does that "eyes roll back, whisper moan" thing. "You're fucking huge," Collin tells Ryan... "you like that?" Yes... Ryan really loves it. He took a dick "a long time ago" but he wants all the Collin dick he can get, now. These two young muscle hunks can't get enough. Collin's dick keeps sliding deep in and out of Ryan's tight hole and they keep kissing the whole time. Collin comes around back so we can see Ryan's chest while his hole takes that cock. Our final position has Ryan's face buried in the carpet while Collin plows him from behind. You can see the joy on Ryan's face while he gets fucked and he tells Collin "cum on my back." Ryan is all smiles while he does his post-scene interview. Hope we see a lot more of him.