Mind Fucker VS Super Spy

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Description: Models Cameron Kincade, Pierce Paris. James Bond (Pierce Paris) has freed himself from the underground ballbusting fight ring that evil Cameron Kincade enslaved him to. He’s spent a long time thinking about his revenge, and finally he’s found Cameron’s evil lair. The Super Spy finds Cameron on the phone handling some stolen jewels. Cameron has gotten a promotion from capturing James Bond earlier, and he seems very happy with himself. James Bond attempts to take Cameron in. He’s clearly very mad about the whole ordeal. Cameron is not very threatened. He pulls a watch on a chain from his pocket and swings it in James Bond’s face. Quickly he puts the super spy under and give him a trigger work “Cocksucker.” “Every time you hear ‘cock sucker’ you will get overwhelmingly week. Also, from this point on, you will no longer be able to get an erection around a female. The Villain snaps James Bond out of it and immediately calls him a cock sucker. The spy crumbles to the ground. “What have you done to me!?” The villain laughs, stomps his balls, puts a business card in his jacket pocket and says “You are no match for me. Here’s my address though if you want to go another round…” Later on James Bond finds Cameron at his home. The super spy is livid that he cannot get an erection with any of the beautiful women that want to sleep with him. He demands that Cameron fix whatever he did or he’ll blow his balls off right then and there. Cameron simply calls him a cock sucker again then pulls out his watch. “You will only be aroused by men from now on. You will desperately want to fuck any man you see, and will not be able to control yourself” Cameron wants to take that super spy dick for a ride. He snaps James Bond out of it then pull his giant cock out of his tuxedo pants. He sucks it. James cries against it all, but can’t deny that he’s super horny. He eventually loses all control and bends Cameron over and fucks his brains out. When he cums, he snaps out it and is mortified that he just fucked a man. Not only a man, but his worst enemy, the same man that almost completely destroyed his manhood for fun and profit. Cameron pushed him out of his home and throws him his pants. “I’ll call you when I need more dick, chump…”