Kellan & Solomon - Pure

Duration: 28:22 Views: 38K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: Sexy and Sensual sums up this video! Solomon really turned-up the heat on Kellan, who really responded to the body oil and muscle worship! AND I got Kellan to not only kiss a guy, but suck dick! I think we got past most of his limits. He seemed dead set against it, but after meeting Solomon, he shrugged and said, "Why not?" Hmmmmmm. The one limit left standing is him bottoming. Not sure that is gonna happen despite Solomon doing another amazing job rimming and fingering Kellan's hole. Just like he did with Bentley! I love it when he sneaks his finger in. Kellan was not expecting that! I can't be alone in thinking that any dude who shaves his hole like he does, is waiting to go bottoms up! It is practically an invitation! While I may not be able to convince Kellan to put his ankles to his ears, it is time to get Solomon back on top. He is such an aggressive little fucker! Hope you guys enjoy this one. They sure are pretty to look at...and stroke to!
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