Cine-X 3 (Dani Robles, Enzo Rimenez)

Duration: 20:41 Views: 7.2K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: The secret Menatplay Adult Theatre is already turning into one of our favourite hangouts for guaranteed man-on-man action, and it seems that word of it has got around fast. Fast enough to lure Dani Robles out of his office (not that he needs any excuse) and on the hunt for some tasty meat to wrap his lips around. Enzo Rimenez is the lucky man to be on the receiving end from a slow and intense blow job from Dani. And we really don’t know who is enjoying it more - Enzo, Dani… or us watching the two studs at it. Although judging from what we saw it has to be Dani, as minutes in and just from having Enzo’s glorious dick on his mouth he blows the most amazing load all over himself, spraying his suit in his warm cum. But as any fan of Menatplay will know, Dani will not be satisfied with just this and what he really craves is to get fucked, and fucked HARD! And Enzo does not disappoint, pushing him down on all fours so that he can ram every inch of his thick cock deep in Dani's hot ass. Enzo pounds the hungry stranger hard, flexing every muscle of his amazing torso as he thrusts again and again till Dani is literally screaming form the intense pleasure. Next Dani goes in full power-bottom mode by sitting on Enzo’s dick, riding it until they are both dripping in sweat and can’t hold back any longer, ready to shoot their loads, with Dani giving us a second delicious cumshot (yes you heard right, TWO cumshots!). If we had to give a prize for ‘Best Cumshot’ Dani would take it hands down. But don’t just take our word for it, download the scene now and check it out for yourselves.