Hot Cop Gets Mind Fucked by Wesley Woods

Duration: 24:07 Views: 11K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Models Liam Cyber, Wesley Woods. Wesley Woods is an evil mentalist. He’s sitting at home playing with his magic watch, talking to himself about all the boys he’s had so much fun taking advantage of with it when a cop knocks on his door. The cop is the super sexy Liam Cyber. Officer Cyber is very serious and questions Wesley about the implications he’s been hearing about some kind of magic watch and how he’s using it to get men to do gay things with him. Wesley immediately looks him up and down and invites him in. Officer Cyber is no match for Wesley and his mentalist powers. Wesley has him licking his shoes, clucking like a chicken and eventually pulling his big dick out and letting Wesley suck on it. As Wesley does all of this, he snaps Officer Liam in and out of the spell to see his humiliated reaction to what he is suddenly doing. Wesley still has the sexy Officer Cyber complete under his mental control. He gets the hot cop to get on his knees and suck Wesley’s dick. Then he bends over and tells the cop to fuck his ass. Wesley enjoys the nice cop dick, snapping Officer Cyber in and out of the spell to be completely shocked that he’s fucking a male perp in the ass along the way. Eventually, Wesley sucks the cum out of Officer Cyber’s dick, then snaps him out of it for the last time, causing the butch cop to run out of his house in hurry, humiliated, grabbing his clothes as he goes.