Hot Pizza Ass

Duration: 24:31 Views: 2.6K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: (Models Curtis Cameron, Jacob Dolce). Can anyone say when the Pizza Delivery guy theme first began? It's legendary in the world of adult entertainment, but never has it looked as hot as it does with gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce and tall and lanky Curtis Cameron. The pretext for some deliciously hot BoyFun couldn't be simpler... handsome boy Jacob has ordered a delivery and answers the door appropriately dressed in nothing but a pink shirt and a bulging jock strap, without the necessary cash. He invites the sexy young delivery guy in while he bends over to search for cash and of course Casper can't help himself, grabbing a handful of that sexy young ass. If this was Jacob's plan all along it goes swimmingly, he's soon kissing his new friend and showing his guest that he's more than willing to give the young man an appropriate tip, or rather, receiving one. Within moments Jacob has his new friend on the couch and getting naked, Jacob's mouth sliding down on the thick young uncut cock his guest has ready in his pants. If Jacob didn't order a meat feast it's certainly what the two are soon sharing as Curtis takes the opportunity to return the favor and suck the clear precum out of Jacob's perfectly pink knob, quickly followed by a curiously cautious foot wank for the slim young Curtis while he leans back on the couch and watches his cock being rubbed between the boy's soles. Obviously dedicated to delivering a good service Curtis takes aim when Jacob's juicy little rump is presented, easing the head of his cock between those plump cheeks and pushing inside, filling the boy with his raw warm salami. Fucked from behind and on his belly too the sweet boy is soon moaning, his cock rigid and bouncing when he steals control to take a ride on the delivery boy's boner. Jacob's balls are heavy as he strokes himself, the pleasure of the naked cock in his ass and his own in his hand soon leading to him pumping the creamy reward from his tip and pouring twink semen all over the cushions. Pleased to have delivered a five-star rating slim Curtis leans back and strokes his long prick, Jacob's lips and tongue toying with his tight balls as semen squirts from his length up his naked body. It's a good thing these boys have a pizza to share, they'll likely need to refuel for another hot fuck before Curtis takes his money back to the store.