Roommate Rubdown

Duration: 24:39 Views: 2.7K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: (Models Curtis Cameron, Nick Danner). Curtis Cameron is back from the game feeling dejected and down, but although his team lost he's about to feel a whole lot better about things once sweet little Nick Danner offers to give him a relaxing massage. Of course it doesn't take long at all before Curtis is hard as a rock and welcoming his friend's talented mouth around his thick dong. Nick is more than a little skilled in the art of relaxation, licking and slurping the generous dick and tasting his roommate's precum. We're left in no doubt about just how friendly these two boys are when Curtis offers to return the favor, quickly welcoming his friend's rigid dick into his own mouth. The taste of hot young cock only encourages him on. He might not have scored a winning goal out on the pitch but with a little rimming of slim boy Nick's snug pucker he's doing more than hitting the back of the net. He eases his big bare cock deep, fucking his friend from behind with skill, presenting his girthy tool for Nick to slide down on for a ride, finally getting his slim buddy on his back for the kind of deep thrusting that can only lead to a shared climax of gooey goodness. With Nick's thick cream pumping out over his smooth stomach Curtis is soon ready to get his own splashing load free from his throbbing erection, wanking off over his pal and drenching the boy with semen. This is definitely the kind of post-game rub-down a boy like Curtis needs, if his teammates only knew they would probably be jealous.