Windy Fuck Day

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Description: (Models Curtis Cameron, Lucian Fair). Curtis is trying to work on the rooftop patio when hot little blond Lucian arrives to distract him. It's understandable, any young man would love to lure the sexy twink into some hot BoyFun, and he doesn't have to try too hard to persuade his friend to come inside out of the windy weather for a little play. The two are soon leaving the terrace for the comfort of a nearby bedroom, their t-shirts soon off to reveal their smooth bodies as they make out on the bed, their pants slipping down to display hard uncut cocks bulging in their sexy underwear. Lucian can hardly wait to get a taste of the rigid uncut cock soon being revealed, his mouth bouncing on the swollen member and sliding down for some delicious deep sucking, which soon has tall and slim Curtis demanding a taste of the fit boy's tool in return. With his first taste of Lucian's engorged young boner he's quickly moving to the tight and slightly hairy little hole offered for licking, a wet and tongue-probing start persuading him to work his big bare boner into the slicked hole. Curtis is an experienced boy, he clearly loves the feel of that naked cock pumping in and out of his snug pucker, his own dick bulging throughout and his balls pulling up tight. Fucked from behind and with some spooning too the boy is eager to take control, straddling the offered pecker and easing his ass down for a ride. With a shower of semen erupting from the boy's hard young cock sexy Lucian drenches his friend, easing his well-used hole off of his buddy and ready to see Curtis' cock pumping a hot flood of milky goo for him to suck from the bulging boner. There'll be plenty more indoor antics now that the weather has turned, boys need to keep each other warm!