Ethan's Punishment (Ethan Duval, Lucas Bouvier)

Duration: 27:04 Views: 3.0K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Relaxing on the living room couch, Ethan reads the special sex edition of "Boy Magazine" and the sight of these naked bodies warms his mind. The young twink turns on the TV to watch a porn movie and starts to masturbate. Ethan is hard and starts fingering his ass while moaning. More and more excited and dilated he grabs a dildo and sinks into his anus and starts deep and fast back and forth. After a hard day's work, Lucas is very stressed and when he suddenly arrives in the living room, the vision of his friend jacking off while he drudges at work puts him out of his way. The opportunity is perfect to inflict a good punishment to Ethan and the dominant Lucas will take a sadistic pleasure! Lucas first ties Ethan's wrists, then blinds his eyes and puts a leather collar around his neck. Now on a leash and totally submissive to his master, Ethan, gets on his knees and sucks Lucas' fat cock greedily. The domination game is more and more intense and Lucas whips his submissive before giving him a memorable spanking. Ethan's buttocks blush under the slaps and his screams echo in the room. Lucas plays with the twink's little hole, spits in, then he introduces the dildo unceremoniously. The back and forth are brutal and Ethan moaned loudly. Lucas then thrusts a gag in Ethan's mouth to quell his cries and he fucks him wildly. The twink shared between pain and pleasure is brutally pounded and domination session will end with a thick facial cumshot.