Lost and pound (Ron Negba, Taylor Mason)

Duration: 23:55 Views: 906 Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: Taylor Mason is a ridiculously handsome young man, so it's perhaps not surprising that equally hot local boy Ron Negba is so quick to come to his aid when he senses the young tourist might be lost in the underground system. It's an example of perfect "gaydar" in use as Taylor gladly accepts the offer of help from his new friend, clearly understanding that the blond boy is offering more than just some assistance with a map at his place. The moment they arrive Ron has his guest on his couch, their lips meeting and their teen cocks bulging in their shorts, soon to be released for some delicious BoyFun. The fit boys are perfectly matched, that much is clear as those t-shirts come off and the two begin to explore. Their smooth and slightly toned bodies meet in a warm and lustful embrace but their demand for uncut dick is soon taking precedence. We're not sure where young Taylor might have been headed but it's safe to say it's far from his mind as he sucks and slurps on the long shaft presented to him. Pleased with the greedy boy's obvious talents Ron is eager to return the favor, grabbing his guests perfectly pink and hooded dick and sucking on the glans, sliding his lips down the meaty shaft. The boy's hole is just as delicious, his tongue lapping at the flinching pucker while Taylor makes little moans of appreciation. With the handsome lad eager to take this as far as it can go Ron nudges his hole with the head of his turgid cock, pumping through the tight opening, easing inside for a bareback ride that quickly has Taylor stroking his own meat and taking some control with a ride on his new buddy. His own cock throbs and drips pre as Ron pounds upward into his chute, his big balls hanging between his thighs. With his new bottom buddy getting close Ron steals prime position once again, fucking his friend missionary and pulling out to drench the boy's balls and dick with his leaping load. He's not done yet, he slides right back in to use his cummy cock to get the tourist off, making Taylor wank his cream from his hooded length in a well-deserved climax. Let's hope whoever the boy was supposed to be meeting won't mind him being late, it was well worth the detour.