Cade Maddox & Austin Avery

Duration: 31:13 Views: 4.4K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Fresh-faced cutie Austin Avery makes his porn debut at Cocky Boys in a big way: a condomless poolside scene with sultry super-top Cade Maddox! One minute they're giving each other "the look", the next they're making out. Cade's passionate, wet kisses ignite Austin to orally worship his solid, sculpted veiny muscles and lustfully desire the hard cock stretching his shorts. Awestruck but not intimidated by his thick cock, Austin gulps it down. Austin pleases Cade by trying to deep-throat him and in no time the fast learning cocksucker is taking Cade's full cock even as he's face-fucked. Turned on by Cade's "top energy", a vocal Austin eagerly flips his legs back so Cade slobber all over his hole and finger him. In time Austin helps guide Cade's monster cock inside him and before long Cade is pounding him deep and making Austin moan and cry out with pleasure...when they aren't kissing. Cade grants Austin's wish to be fucked on his stomach but in a little while he makes his own request for Austin to ride his cock. Austin works his hole as Cade nearly jacks him off, but he really wants to pound Austin from behind. This brings Cade close & Austin helps by begging for his cum & urging him on. Cade pulls out to cream over Austin's hole and slide back in but takes charge again. Cade finishes him off on his back, slowly fucking a huge load out of Austin that coats him all the way from his lower abs all the way up to his neck. An impressed Cade kisses the totally spent newcomer, though he doesn't say it we will: "Welcome to Cocky Boys Austin!