Diamond Auto Scene 1

Duration: 27:17 Views: 3.4K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Derrek, in his first feature film starring role, opens the movie with a spectacular performance in a pairing with Alexsander Freitas - one of the hottest new stars in the business. The scene opens with Alex flexing his rock-star eight pack - these abs are the best we have ever seen. Derrek can't resist and is on his knees in seconds! The blow job that comes next is probably the best oral sex filmed so far in 2010 - it's that good. Director Chris Ward himself was astounded - this is long, uninterrupted dick sucking at its best. Then comes the fucking. If you have never seen Alex fuck, then you are in for a shocking surprise. This man is a fucking animal - few bottoms can take his relentless 800 MPH pounding - it's difficult for Derrek, but he takes it. This scene is a sure fire bet for a best sex scene nomination! - Alexsander Freitas, Derrek Diamond