BB Rent Boys Scene 4

Duration: 23:52 Views: 3.0K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Remastered in HD. Models Paul Bruckmann, James Byron, Jerry Brand. Let’s be honest here, some guys are just fucking greedy – and there’s simply no denying the fact that blond bombshell, Paul Bruckmann, was most definitely of that ilk when he was teamed up with James Byron and Jerry Brand in this 2007 classic. After all, most folk are quite happy with just the one rent-boy to satisfy their sexual predilections; but this guy has to have two, and even then you get the distinct impression that he wasn’t entirely satisfied. Still, you can’t blame a fellow for having a high libido; and it all made for a terrific set-piece that’s as hot today as it was almost a decade ago. Why, Bruckmann’s like a bitch on heat almost from the very moment that his two charges make their appearance – homing in on all that handsome meat and gobbling away like he hasn’t had the opportunity to savour cock for months on end! Of course, you don’t need to be a mega-mind to realise that there was only ever going to be one arse that was set to be pounded in this horned-up threesome; and before you know it Bruckmann is being royally spit-roasted like a common whore. Mind, that’s just the way he likes it! What’s more, his credentials are only underlined towards the end of the scene when – having spewed a furious wad of spunk mid-fuck – he allows both visitors to leave their sticky, gooey calling-cards all over his face! No question about it, if the sight of this horny little punk getting indignantly creamed doesn’t get you jerking your own furious load then there’s something seriously wrong. In short, a spit-roasting class that’s crème-de-la-crème in every single sense!