NTC Milk Squirting

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Description: (Models Devin Lewis, Jules Laroche). "Naked Twink Contest - Devin & Jules" In this second episode of "Naked Twink Contest" Jules Laroche battles for France and Devin Lewis for the USA in a milky skill game. Our host Doryann Marguet welcomes the two twinks in a pretty bathroom, he draws foam targets on their bodies and the two boys, completely naked, start to squirt milk on each other full of laughter and good relaxed atmosphere. Who of Devin or Jules will be the best milk sniper ? Will the American shoot more targets than the French? Who will win the right to get sucked today? Jules and Devin will of course not stop at a blowjob and Jules will first devour the ass of the young American before fucking him wildly with his huge cock. Devin is in ecstasy and Jules is having great fun in an intense, accomplice and very energetic fucking session!