Boy River Chapter 3

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Description: Boy River Chapter 3: The Auction - Marcus Rivers, Dallas Steele. When Master LeGrand brought River out for his first auction, I knew he was something special. The way his body responded to him, I could feel it in his core that he wanted to be possessed. Every intrusive grab or pat, every moment that his genitals were mine to control, every order of how to be and where to be — all making his oversized young cock rock hard in his tiny jock… It was hard to see him leave my control when he was sold, but such is the way of things. I knew I would always remember when I first had him in my collection. To possess such a creature, I knew, would be a joy unlike any other! My spine straightened when I saw him brought up for auction. Smooth, small body, perky butt, boyish face, and the sound of his moans… His moans! I’ll never forget his moan. It was a mixture of pain, pleasure, and discovery that was unlike anything I’d ever heard. I’m a tall, handsome man, and have gotten plenty of young bottoms to submit to me before… But the way River reacted, it was like every touch was the first, separate from any previous experience, and uniquely informed by the hands of his master. It was a beautiful thing to watch him be fondled for all to see. He was focused solely on the hand that touched him and not those that raised to bid. He cared for nothing else! He was focused, hungry, and most of all, obedient. I had to have him for myself! I had to be his master, to do with him as I desired. I knew then that he’d never been fucked and bred before, and I wanted to be the one to break him in. Before any other man could have him! As soon as I won the bidding, I could see his passion focus on me. He was quick and eager to please, warmed up by the auctioneer. He wanted to finish what had been started, rushing at me to be fucked. I wanted him my way, in my time, and at my pleasure. I was quick to coach him, telling him to slow down, follow my lead, and how to properly worship me… I watched as the excited boy began to understand me. He paused, taking in my size with his eyes, appreciating my authority and my place in his world. I knew he would need to be trained and disciplined, but deep down in his heart, I could see that he wanted to please me.