Puppy Love - Scene 2

Duration: 24:39 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Sc.2: Tattooed Beaut Gets His Ass Smashed & Creamed By Lucky Mate! Models Beno Eker, Lior Hod. It’s no fucking wonder that Lior Hod looks like the cat that got the cream – after all, his mother has just bought him the most amazing apartment you could ever begin to imagine. But whilst he’s clearly eager to show off his new pad to his best buddy, Beno Eker, he’s also very keen to christen the flat with a splattering of hot jizz – a task that Eker is more than willing and able to assist with. It’s no surprise then that the two mates are soon smooching away on the sofa – their antics inspired by an ornamental camel with an inordinately thick neck. Okay, so it’s a contrived link – even for porn! – but by the time these two guys are taking turns to devour each other’s cocks for your entertainment such triviality is long since forgotten. Even more so when Hod bundles Eker’s rump in the air so that he can rim that tattooed beaut’s hungry little pucker. All of which leads us nicely to the main show, as Eker finally allows his urges to get the better of him and plonks himself down onto his co-star’s upturned shaft for the ride of his life. It’s a top-notch, multi-positional performance that will haver you jerking like crazy; not least of all when Hod creams Eker’s rump, then sticks his cock back inside!