Blindfold Surprise

Duration: 22:56 Views: 3.8K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Models Dani Robles, Noel Santoro, Xavi Duran. As Dani Robles showers, prepping to welcome back Xavi Duran to Menatplay, little does he know Xavi has a surprise in store for his big return. Dani exits the shower to find a note on his bed instructing him to put on a suit that has been laid out for him. He heads into the living room to find Xavi eagerly waiting, excited to reveal what he has planned for the night, but not without a little mystery. Xavi blindfolds Dani to introduce the first part of his surprise… a fat cock shoved right down his throat just the way Dani likes it. He swallows Xavi and strokes his meat, enjoying every inch of his gift but when you're an insatiable cock sucker sometimes one just doesn't cut it. Thankfully, Xavi has an even bigger surprise… an equally hungry Noel Santoro who's bottom is begging to get double-teamed. Surprise! Surprise!