AUSTIN & DR. WOLF Chapter 4

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Description: AUSTIN & DR. WOLF Chapter 4: Dr. Wolf's Private Room. Models Austin Young, Legrande Wolf. Austin loves the attention he gets from Dr. Wolf. The tall man loves to feel his tiny little body and especially his tiny little hole wrapped around his huge cock. He loves tossing the little guy all over as he pounds the whimpering little guys cute little bum, butt sometimes, he just loves showing him some tenderness. Austin was thrilled to get a teddy bear from the older man. Dr Wolf loves to give his fun-size friends something to hold onto while he stretches their tiny little holes. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to the big teddy. The average person might see that as just a cute stuffed bear, but it’s practically the same size as Austin himself--a fact that gets Dr. Wolf’s cock instantly hard! Dr. Wolf can’t resist getting aroused when he sees him holding it. He kisses the sweet young boy, caressing his body before pulling down his pants. He’s seen his naked body many times, but it’s always a true pleasure to see just how tiny he is. He puts his hand on his butt, feeling it completely encapsulated by his palm. It’s intoxicating just how big it makes him feel to have a tiny bottom there in his bed.