Caught Snooping

Duration: 21:07 Views: 1.4K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Models Diego Reyes, Marco Napoli. It’s just another day at the office crunching numbers. Or is it? When Diego Reyes asks Marco Napoli for the folder with the numbers he needs to review with the boss, he accidentally forgets his cell phone at Marco’s desk. Marco doesn’t think twice about going through Diego’s cell - especially his private xxx photos. When Diego returns and calls his cell, he discovers that not only does Marco have it after denying it but that he’s been snooping too! Marco admits he liked what he saw and it’s not long before he gets to suck and ride Diego’s Spanish cock. Marco releases his load on Diego’s face and suit and helps him deliver a geyser of a cum shot while eating his ass. Remember to password protect your cell phones — or should you?