Marcus Paradise and Nick Starlight

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Description: Marcus Paradise and Nick Starlight return from the gym. Their workout has them both all horned up and ready for some action. They head straight for the bed and in no time at all they are shoving their tongues down each other's throats and slowly stripping each other out of their clothes. Nick gently pushes Marcus down on the bed where he pulls of Marcus' shorts and underwear. Marcus' dick is fully aroused and Nick wastes no time swallowing his entire package. His skillful mouth and tongue go to work on Marcus' cock and it's apparent from Marcus' eyes that he's enjoying the blowjob. They swap positions, Marcus helps Nick out of his shorts and he lays down on the bed, eye to eye with Nick's raging boner. Marcus goes to work on Nick's uncut cock and at times Nick has the chance for a little face-fucking Marcus' mouth. Nick turns around on the bed and kneels over on all fours. Marcus comes up behind him and starts working his thumb in and out of Nick's tight pink hole. Nick grabs his cock and jacks it while Marcus continues priming his ass. Marcus points his rock-hard cock at Nick's hole and slides it in straight away. Nick's toes curl as Marcus buries his dick all the way in. These two hot young men pound away at each other like bunnies. Before long Marcus is on his back with Nick riding on top and Marcus is going in and out of Nick's hole like a jack-hammer. Nick flips over and pulls his legs back behind his ears. Marcus pushes back on Nick's muscular legs and drives his cock right back in Nick's ass. The pounding continues as Nick jacks his cock close to cumming. Marcus pulls out just as Nick loses his load, coating his abs in thick, creamy jizz. Marcus can't hold back any longer as he squirts his love juice spraying all over Nick's cock and balls.