Christian Hermes and Marcus Paradise

Duration: 24:25 Views: 1.7K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: We discover Marcus Paradise splayed out on the bed, legs spread, underwear at his feet, a rock-hard cock in his hand and completely unaware that Christian Hermes is spying on him from the open door. Christian is standing there in his underwear arousing himself as Marcus jacks his dick and gyrates on the bed. Christian wants what he sees and he comes in, surprising Marcus. Christian pulls down his underwear and out plops a fully engorged uncut cock which Marcus wastes no time in woofing down. Christian's cock gets harder and thicker the more attention Marcus pays to it with his tongue and deep throat. Marcus gets up on all fours and while he continues to service Christian's dick, Christian reaches back and probes Marcus' tight pink hole with his fingers. Christian pulls Marcus up to where they are face to face. The two kiss passionately and then Christian has Marcus stand up on the bed. He grabs Marcus' cock with one hand, points it at his mouth and gives Marcus' knob quite the polishing. Marcus turns around, bends over and offers his ass to Christian who eagerly fills Marcus' willing hole with his rock-hard cock. It does not take long for the passion and action to heat up. Christian starts fucking Marcus harder and faster and based on the look in Marcus' face I'd say he's really enjoying the ass-ramming he's currently receiving. Christian lays back on the bed, Marcus straddles Christian's cock and sits right back down. Christian grabs ahold of Marcus' ass and begins power-fucking Marcus from below. Marcus winds up on his back again, legs pushed back and Christian is plowing Marcus' ass with long, fast strokes. Marcus grabs onto his cock and is jacking in rhythm with Christian. Christian drives his cock even deeper and that's all Marcus can take. His balls tighten and he blows a thick, juicy load of cum which coats his six-pack abs and chest. Christian pulls out, slides up by Marcus' head and he squirts stream after stream of creamy white jizz all over Marcus' face and lips.